Who am I?

I am cdrloq,a freshman in China.Majoring in Artificial Intelligence,I am also learning English,French and philosophy. I am quite taciturn. Oh, you may find my nickname hard to pronounce. Its OFFICIAL pronunciation is "coder - lock". When I was in junior high, I came up with "Coder109" as my nickname. As you can see, "109" is similar to "loq" whilst "coder" can be reduced to "cdr". If you have learnt a little bit about LISP, you will know cdr is a basic function(I don't know how to exactly describe it in English). So, wow, this is a wonderful nickname, isn't it?

I made this blog in order to practice my English skill and share something.


-Touhou,Lain,80s & 90s anime

-Lacan's and Hegel's philosophy

-Programming, reading and walking alone

-Esperanto, French and German

-Guitar, penbeat(or pen tapping)


-Math-rock, speedcore, vapourwave, synthwave,etc.

-Writing stupid stuff

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